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About the Course

The course is divided into 3 Sections and 11 Topics

After you have studied the information and the exercises in each section you will be able to take the Section Test. Each test is multiple choice and consists of 24 or 23 Questions. The pass mark for the test is 17 correct answers. Once you have successfully completed the test you can move to the next section.

Once you have completed the last section test you can take the Final Examination. The final examination has 23 questions (a number from each section of the course). The passmark for the final test is 17 correct answers. You can take the tests and the final examination as many times as you like.

When you have successfully completed the final examination your Certificate of Achievement will be automatically generated and you can save or print it.

Course Outcomes

This training is suitable for all owners, occupiers, managers, employers and employees of any business.

After succesfully completing this course you will:

To get an idea of the subjects covered please have a look at the screenshots from the course by clicking the button on the left.

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